Collective Expresso

This little gem located on Cookson Street in Camberwell is one cafe that comes with high recommendations from the locals.

The breakfast menu will not make you feel one ounce of guilt after you have ordered. The price of the items on the menu is surprisingly very well priced considering the area where the cafe is located. The avocado and fetta toast is the most popular item that draws the people here, and of course it was my choice as well.

The large table in the middle makes everyone feel like they are at a big family dinner, and there is no such thing as feeling alone in this place. Although if you feel like you want to be alone there is a bar that you could sit at and try and hide from the sunshine coming through the big windows from the front.

The staff at this place are very friendly and it appears they all have very interesting personalities including the guy
the very creative mustache. And although it did take them a while to come and get our order, the food did come out within 10 minutes.

This is a great light filled place to catch up with a group of three or four.



Collective Espresso on Urbanspoon

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