Miss Marmalade

I have to admit, i have been here a lot within the past couple of weeks since my partner showed me this place.

So i can easily admit that I am in LOVE with this place. I have ordered the same thing every time (the herby scrambled eggs with a hash brown and avocado on the side), but it is amazing.. and their coffee is equally as good. and if there is a bit of a queue for the coffee, before you even sit down and you are waiting for a table they will often take your coffee order so it is ready for you as you sit down.

The staff are very friendly, and from what i can tell also work at other cafe’s around the brunswick area. There is one staff member and he always asks ‘what would you like for breaky?’ with an english/irish/scottish accent which is very cute…

I haven’t been to this place for lunch but seem to be always so excited when saturday comes i just go for ‘breaky’.. don’t worry one day i hope to go for lunch.

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