Tom Phat

This place has shocking service. I have been to this place a number of times and even though the food is amazing I have now come to expect that I will have to wait about 15 – 20 mins before I get asked if I would like a coffee..

I often go to Tom Phat for b’fast with a couple of friends and it offers an amazing asian inspired food such as the asian omelette or the Viet Fried eggs (which cannot be found in Vietnam FYI), is a great alternative than the usual eggs benedict.

The lunch and dinner menu is also modern inspired with an asian twist, and i often stick to the noodle dishes such as Horfun noodles stirfried w squid, shrimp, prawns & scallops, or even theĀ  Crispy fried silken tofu w shitake, oyster mushrooms & bok choy in hot sour soup, if I am in one of my tofu moods.

This is a great place if you want to have a long chat to someone (as you will have the time to catch up before the staff realise someone new has sat down) or even to take a big group of people as they have a great large table

Although the service is bad, it is actually worth the visit. I even have to mention that the owners recently let the public decide if the restaurant should open on public holidays through a vote on Facebook ‘likes’…

Tom Phat on Urbanspoon

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